Professional Services

Whether your requirements are for a new IT Hardware, software, Service Solution or to upgrade and enhance an existing one, Megahertz approaches all projects taking our customers through these simple steps:


Get a Competitive Advantage with Megahertz’s IT Professional Services

As demands on IT continue to grow, keeping up can be a challenge. And while meeting your current needs is a good start, the best technology solutions consider future needs as well.

Our IT professional services team can help you build and orchestrate a strategy that supports your organization both today and tomorrow. Our experts will assess your objectives and identify areas of opportunity. Then, with your unique needs in mind, we’ll recommend technologies and services that will give your organization a competitive advantage. We will leverage our industry partnerships to help get your new technology up and running and manage it for the long haul.

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See What We Can Do for You

Our IT consulting and professional services team deploy and deliver personal service that helps you understand and meet your business and technology needs. Maintaining top certifications in the Industry, we have the expertise to roll out custom onsite and cloud solutions across diverse industries in the public and private sector.

Data Center Services

Data center maintenance can quickly eat through your IT budget. Our data center upgrades can help you cut costs by replacing high-maintenance hardware with converged infrastructure and virtualized network and storage resources, on-premises or in the cloud.


Networking Services

With the proliferation of mobile devices and the Internet of Things, there’s more traffic on your network than ever. Before you implement any new IT solution, our professional services team will assess the impact on your network bandwidth and recommend upgrades as needed.

Digital Workspace Services

As anytime, anywhere workplaces become the norm, your organization needs a control center for employee- and corporate-owned devices, as well as tools for seamless collaboration. Our team will help you optimize your network for mobile workspaces and collaboration while prioritizing efficiency and security.

Security Services

Security touches every layer of your network infrastructure and requires a holistic defense strategy that aligns people, processes and policies. We prioritize security in everything we do, but we also specialize in security assessments and overhauls to safeguard one of your most precious assets — your data

Cloud Services

Cloud applications reduce your dependence on high-maintenance hardware and help you mitigate risk by ensuring business continuity, fast disaster recovery and regulation compliance. Our IT consulting team can assess your needs and help you select the right SaaS or IaaS apps and cloud solutions for your business.

IT Consulting Services

Megahertz’s Consultative Advisory Services can help your IT team prepare for the future. Our consultants have years of experience in the areas of IT direction, process improvement, governance and technology for cloud, IT operations and business continuity as well as mergers and acquisitions. By engaging early in our clients’ strategic development process, we can ensure end-to-end success in meeting their business and IT objectives.

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