Our Culture

  • We are adventurers. Our people have been far and wide, and even before coming to Megahertz LLC, they have already chalked up significant achievements. They arrive with an innate understanding of what makes technology tick.
  • We don’t follow a fixed path; instead, we cut fresh trails as we help shape the ICT and ELV landscape.
  • Our teams are energized by the fact that they have a hand in building Megahertz LLC ’s culture; that they share and exchange ideas collaboratively; that they build intellectual capital, both in terms of people and the business; and that they are leaving a legacy.
  • It helps that we operate in one of the most exciting industries of our generation and in a geography that is thirsty for innovation. It also helps that our people are Geniuses that bond together to make room for more success.
  • With more than 30 people and growing fast, Megahertz LLC staff come from different nationalities speaking many languages. We foster a start-up culture where everyone is a hands-on contributor, helping to shape the vision of the firm.
  • We hire people who have brilliant ideas, great ability and want to serve a cause that is bigger than themselves. Megahertz LLC ’s Geniuses are inspired by the fact that they have the mandate to challenge convention as they solve problems, combat the smartest malicious actors, and plumb the potential of cybersecurity, developing solutions that allow both businesses and economies to rest easy.