Effectively Monitor, Detect and Respond to Cyber Threats

With our co‐managed approach to security monitoring, we work in collaboration with IT staff. We monitor the most critical devices that require 24x7 attention, and in‐house IT staff monitor internal devices and endpoints.

Our SOC leverages sound and repeatable processes to mitigate threats in a systematic approach. Threats are analyzed in real time and individual cases are created for all threat analysis performed. Device management and monitoring of Firewalls, Intrusion Detections/Prevention Appliances, Host IPS, Active Directory and Endpoint Security platforms can all be included in an affordable service offering. Additionally, incident‐based reporting is included for all threats analyzed and mitigated during the month.Readmore

Complete Visibility in a Fraction of the Time of Traditional SIEM

Improve how you manage cyber threats by unifying all of your essential security tools in one location and combine them with real‐time threat intelligence. Utilizing a Unified Security Management (USM) platform accelerates and simplifies threat detection, incident response and compliance management for IT team with limited resources, starting on day one. With essential security controls and integrated threat intelligence built‐in, the USM appliance puts complete security visibility of threats affecting your network ‐ and how to mitigate them – within fast and easy reach.Readmore

DLP solution will identify, monitor, and protect your confidential data wherever it is stored and when it's in transit.

What needs to be protected?

  • Social Security numbers
  • Account & credit card information
  • Healthcare patient information
  • Confidential business information

Where is information stored?

  • Mobile devices
  • Across your cloud
  • On-premise environments

DDoS defense solution eliminates high-risk network traffic and mitigates the downtime and data breaches that can result when unwanted traffic is not stopped at the network perimeter. Placed at the outermost position of the network perimeter – even beyond the firewall – our solution filters out attacks and other unwanted traffic while allowing legitimate customer traffic to proceed. By filtering out the bad traffic before it ever reaches the firewall, IPS, SLB, etc., these devices can do their intended jobs more efficiently and effectively.Readmore

Megahertz's Endpoint Security Service provides complete protection against malware before any damage is done. In addition, it also provides defense against SPAM, Spyware and Ad-ware. The easy-to-use interface and frequent automatic updates make staying protected seamless, and with quick scan times and efficient use of system resources, it will not slow down your email, network, PCs or website.Readmore

Megahertz's patch and vulnerability management services facilitate a stable and secure networking environment by assisting you in applying patches on all servers, workstations and network devices.

Patch & vulnerability management services include:

  • Patch & vulnerability management services include
  • Patching of all Microsoft and third-party applications from Adobe, Java, Flash, etc.
  • Reporting of all Microsoft and third-party patch activities.
  • Change management tracking.
  • Documentation of patch management policies and procedures.
  • Readmore

There are a lot of changes going on within the enterprise, including many shifts related to how applications are used and transported. While this change is an advantage from a usability perspective, it can also quickly become a nightmare to the information security staff.

To deal with these changes, vendors in the enterprise firewall market have created a new generation of firewall devices dubbed the Next Generation Firewall or NGFW. These devices differ from traditional firewalls in a number of different areas. Let's take a look at these differences and how they affect the security of an enterprise network

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