Living In UAE

  • Located on the Tropic of Cancer, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is almost always sunny, and the rain, when it does fall, comes mostly in winter. The climate is excellent between November and April, while summer months are quite warm. The geography is dominated by the sea and the desert, complemented by the dramatic mountains, oases and huge sand dune seas found inland.
  • Situated between Europe, Africa, and Asia, many parts of all three continents are only a couple hours away by airplane, so it’s no surprise the UAE is home to more than 175 nationalities.
  • From clothes to cuisines, in the UAE, you can find the most humble, and the most extravagant. From authentic street food to the most refined Michelin star meals, and from clothes made by the corner shop tailor to the latest haute couture, it’s all available in the fast-growing UAE, a country that has seen its population more than triple to 10 million people since 2000.
  • For leisure, residents are spoiled for choice. Some of the world’s best known names in the art (Louvre and Guggenheim) are building museums in Abu Dhabi. Top universities from New York University Abu Dhabi to Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi are already educating the next generation and providing exciting learning and cultural opportunities.
  • Annual events include Formula 1, the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, a food truck and street food festival, a classical music festival, and a modern art fair. There is a wide range of organic groceries and restaurants, while in-season farmers’ markets sell UAE grown organics. Activities range from kayaking in the mangroves around Abu Dhabi city to snorkeling sailing and boating in the Arabian Sea.
  • You can picnic and camp in the endless deserts of the Empty Quarter and go mountain hiking and biking in the nearby Hajar Mountains. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers the world’s largest indoor theme park, while water parks abound and shopping ranges from authentic souks to the most modern shopping malls. A short 90-minute drive separates Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital city, from Dubai, the international holiday and shopping hub.
  • The cosmopolitan UAE has a high average per capita income, and both Abu Dhabi and Dubai provide advanced healthcare and education, and a wide range of living accommodations. The UAE offers one of the most stable, safe and secure places to live in the world.