Take your Data Center into the future

Simplify your IT. Solve your business challenges. Gain the agility and scalability to support your organization’s long-term strategy. Future-ready, standards-based data center solutions from Megahertz leverage your current technology while seamlessly incorporating innovations tailored to your needs:

  • Eliminate redundancy and unify management
  • Accelerate IT service delivery
  • Reduce operation costs while increasing performance

Take the next step now. Ask a Megahertz consultant about our end-to-end data center solutions designed to help your enterprise respond dynamically to change – today and for years to come.

Today’s Datacenter is the heart of the organization, containing the necessary information to keep the business functioning and growing. Most organizations, whether small enterprises, large corporations or governmental entities, have a number of computer systems that have evolved over time to support the various business requirements. This has led to bundles of information scattered in disparate systems, making it difficult and frustrating for today’s knowledge worker to complete even the simplest task.Readmore

Server Solutions

Meet complex business challenges with next-generation Servers

Latest Industry Servers maximize operational effectiveness and optimize flexibility at any scale. Focused on accelerated performance, enhanced automation and simplified management, the line-up of servers can help you experience worry-free computing through:

  • Greater IT efficiency
  • Superior IT agility
  • Better IT reliability

Megahertz Server Solutions are scalable, flexible, efficient solutions platforms with streamlined and intuitive management that can help you meet changing missions and drive business success.

Your workloads rely on the availability and performance of your supporting IT infrastructure. Today’s servers offer a quantum leap in capabilities and features that work to reduce system downtime and simplify data center architecture and management. Megahertz utilizes these next-generation server technologies with our innovative data center solutions. The results are faster processing, flexible support for your fluctuating workloads, improved performance and agility, high availability, and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).Readmore

Reduce costs, consolidate and simplify operations, and enable cloud solutions

Tight budgets and limited resources are pushing organizations to do more with less. IT is no exception. In your data center, IT executives attempt to reduce costs and resource-intensive tasks through automation, data centralization, and data consolidation. The issues are inherent, though, with servers that are designed to run a single operating system and a single application at a time. Even for smaller organizations, the need for multiple servers is common. The associated requirements for physical space and maintenance are hard to justify when each server is operating at just 15% of capacity. Megahertz’s virtualization solutions are a viable alternative that can reduce costs significantly by maximizing the utilization and ROI of the existing IT infrastructure – including servers, storage, and networking. Megahertz virtualized physical and cloud offerings and proactive managed services that monitor virtualized environments capably address your IT infrastructure availability, scalability and business continuity challenges.

Higher Availability, Lower Costs

Today’s advanced virtualization software enables servers to accommodate multiple operating systems and applications – dramatically increasing server utilization up to 80%. Megahertz’s virtualized solutions apply this technology to centralize and consolidate your servers, storage, even networking infrastructure, making your IT simpler, more available, and less costly to own and manage. As a VMware and Microsoft partner, Megahertz specialists are certified experts in VMware and other leading virtualization technologies. We employ best practices in the design, development, and implementation of all of our virtualized solutions, which include:

  • Desktop Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – Today’s mobile user is no longer tethered to a single desk machine. Megahertz’s Desktop, VDI, and application virtualization solutions offer your workforce streamlined, low-cost, low-management options for accessing their desktops and network applications reliably – anywhere, anytime, and from any device – and deliver a familiar user experience.
  • Server Virtualization – Megahertz simplifies your IT infrastructure through our efficient server virtualization that maximizes server utilization by running multiple operating systems and applications. Centralized operations mean less management and lower costs – from power and cooling to capital expenses – as well as higher availability and better application performance.
  • Cloud Services – Megahertz leverages the cloud – both public and hybrid – to deliver innovative services that enable you to respond to shifting user and market demands. These services, which include email and data backup, ensure reliable and secure communications, compliance, and even business continuity for mission-critical functionality – while minimizing the impact on your limited IT resources.

Virtual Advantages

Regardless of your business size, Megahertz’s virtualization solutions are the way to lower your IT infrastructure costs, reduce IT management, and maximize your existing IT resources. As a virtualization partner, we are on the leading edge of the latest innovations in virtualization, and apply them as appropriate in our solutions. Call Megahertz for virtualization solutions that can stretch your resources – and give you better performance, higher availability, and peace of mind across your IT infrastructure.

Optimize your data center with power and cooling efficiency.

Data proliferation and increasing demands for faster processing can quickly overheat and exhaust IT investments. However, with Megahertz end-to-end enterprise solutions for the data center and efficient power and cooling management, we can help you:

  • Improve data center operations
  • Work toward efficiency targets and lower your power usage effectiveness (PUE) number
  • Save on both capital and operational expenditures

Megahertz power and cooling solutions incorporate years of comprehensive research and development to help you get the exceptional hardware performance you need as well as efficient powering and cooling.

According to Berkley National Laboratory, cooling systems consume 34 percent of the power used by a data center. They also generate a lot of heat.

Megahertz can help you avoid an overheated server or power outage with optimized power and cooling systems that reduce energy costs. Yet, you’ll still have the fuel needed to power your data center.

We’ll help you identify opportunities for reducing power and cooling in your data centers and server rooms, and design a muscular power and cooling scheme that meets your goals.

      A dynamic power and cooling system can help
  • Create true cooling efficiency across all systems.
  • Cut power, cooling and other operational costs.
  • Consolidate servers and increase utilization.
  • Increase energy efficiency.
  • Meet mandated green initiatives/efficiency standards.
As your power and cooling partner, we can help:
  • Assess your infrastructure.
  • Identify opportunities for optimizing power/cooling.
  • Design a power/cooling strategy to meet your requirements.
  • Source the right appliances for your infrastructure.
  • Implement the solution in your environment.
Our Power and Cooling Expertise When it comes to optimizing power and cooling in data centers, we know our stuff. We hold certifications and accreditations with all of the major providers of power/cooling solutions, including APC, Eaton, Emerson, Tripp Lite and more In fact, Megahertz sales and technical consultants total more than 1,000 partner certifications and average 15 years of experience each. That makes us uniquely qualified to create the right power and cooling solution for you

Megahertz aims to work with you to provide your business with communications solutions that can help you deliver services that generate new sources of revenue, transform operations to achieve business and service excellence, and build smarter networks. 

Things to Consider When Setting Up a Telecom System

Megahertz’s proven experience and in-depth industry knowledge will play a key role in delivering excellent telecom solutions and business communication services across the Middle East and Africa.

  1. Communication medium to be finalized by the IT Team
  2. Number of Users connected to the telecom system
  3. Budget allocated for installing the telecom system

A long-term associate to Communication Partners from the Industry Leaders Megahertz LLC, over the years has developed exceptional skills and capabilities to successfully implement telecom projects for numerous verticals. Megahertz’s expertise in installation of Various IP Communications Solutions, Contact Center Solutions, Unified Communications Solutions, Midmarket Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, and Video Conferencing Solutions is in high demand in the Middle East region. The highly qualified and trained team of certified consultants and engineers can help you pick the highest quality of communication solutions for your company and provide you with the best of solutions for your business communication.

Megahertz team ensures delivery of consistent and quality service which would help you to optimize business efficiency, maintain security and proactive cost management. We enable you to make informed decisions on every aspect of your end to end communications.

We offer the most comprehensive product portfolio of ELV and security solutions. Our team  experts provide design, integration and implementation services to our clients incorporating a wide range of digital multimedia, audio visual and security systems.

We offer a wide range of video surveillance cameras, recording solutions and software to deliver intelligent solutions that provide relevant video surveillance images.
Access Control
We supply reliable and scalable access control solutions for any medium to large sized application. Our range of products includes door access solutions and visitor management solutions.
Intercom System
We offer a wide range of home intercom systems designed to provide effortless communication for residential and commercial properties.
Gate Barrier System
Our cost-effective and reliable security gates, barriers, turnstiles, pedestrian gates and car parking/traffic control equipment perfectly suit commercial, public or private premises  
Audio Visual System
We offer the latest equipment in audio, visuals, simultaneous interpretation, projection, lights, sound, public address, digital signage solution and video conference,  
Nurse Calling System
Our nurse calling systems are designed to meet the needs of hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.  
Intrusion Alarm System
We offer intrusion alarm systems with a wide range of control panels, wireless and wired peripherals and selected alarm communicators that are designed to identify malicious activity or policy violations.  
Perimeter Security System
Our perimeter security system can detect targets in outdoor environments with high video analytics accuracy and low nuisance alarms.  
Hotel Door Lock System
Our integrated hotel door lock system offers either magstripe or RFID card reader technology to enhance guest convenience and improve operational efficiency. It is ideal for retrofits and this lock works with the Windows-based system  
Time Attendance System
We offer complete solutions featuring time and attendance software and a biometric, RFID or barcode time clock  
Structured Cabling
We provide affordable and high quality structured cabling solutions for your business  
Public Address and Voice Alarm System
A system of microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers used to amplify speech or music in a large building or at an outdoor gathering  
PSIM + Software
A New Generation of Software integrating all the components of ELV and BMS and ICT  to one place. Simple efficient solution for management in a single platform. Learn more : cosmo link
VMS Software
  Video Management Software from Various Vendors in the Industry which provides an extensive range of sophisticated solutions to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements across a wide variety of market segments.

End-user computing is no longer about managing laptops and desktops. Today, you need to support user access to services, applications, and data on any device and in any location. This revolution promises greater flexibility, productivity enhancements, staff morale improvements, and cost savings. Your business can benefit from these changes.

These days, your end users are using two or three, even four computing devices – all with different capabilities, models, shapes and sizes, operating systems, and security requirements. In addition, the applications served up to these devices are undergoing a metamorphosis in terms of the way that they're consumed − either as a service (through a cloud model) or more traditionally, in a client-owned, on-premise model. Transitioning to user-centric computing calls for a new approach ... and Megahertz would like to offer assistance to organizations to Transform

In today new era  of End – User computing environment, Users want to stay connected and have access to the best networks and services as a seamless extension of their traditional desktops, they want to choose their devices and access personal applications while retaining access to corporate applications and services. They want to make their own IT decisions while still having access to It Support and be free from security threats.

Megahertz with our Extensive experience and broad expertise will help you find the right solution to create an end-user computing environment by reviewing the following.

  • Strategy, architecture and deployment
  • Application management
  • Extensive device policy frameworks
  • Identity management
  • Expense management
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Procurement
  • End –user support
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