Data Loss Prevention

DLP solution will identify, monitor, and protect your confidential data wherever it is stored and when it’s in transit.

What needs to be protected?

  • Social Security numbers
  • Account & credit card information
  • Healthcare patient information
  • Confidential business information

Where is information stored?

  • Mobile devices
  • Across your cloud
  • On-premise environments

Megahertz offers with its Solutions comprehensive coverage of confidential data across all endpoint, network and storage systems. We help you prevent data breaches, stop data leakage, demonstrate compliance and reduce the risk of external attacks and insider threats whether they originate from accidental misuse or malicious acts. Organizations today are facing a daunting task in preventing data loss and must protect what’s important to others and/or the business.

Whether you’re in a regulated industry or fall under a service provider oversight requirement, legal liability and penalties exist for those who disclose confidential, non-public information. Regulations under PCI, GLBA, HIPAA and many other compliance requirements mandate the protection of customer, patient, personal and financial information.

Discover where data is stored in all environments; monitor how it’s being used on and off your corporate network; and protect it from loss, theft and abuse with data loss prevention solution.