Advisory Services

Technology shouldn’t be a disaster, a loss of productivity, employee morale or revenue. Braintek can help your business utilize technology to help businesses build customer relationships, improve day-to-day operations and be more efficient:

  • Cloud Advisory – Having the right partner with the expertise to advice on a cloud strategy and readiness will determine how an enterprise extracts value from the cloud. Megahertz LLC has advised and implemented complex private cloud solutions for major clients.Readmore
  • Cyber Defense – Having a knowledgeable translator of an organization’s business security vision and strategy into an effective enterprise security architecture will significantly benefit in a proactive manner.Your data is the lifeline of your business. Any breach to your data, applications and network could have serious consequences for your organization.Our security solutions & services keep your entire technology infrastructure secure, from remote access points to your internal networks.Readmore
  • Disaster Recovery and BCM –Knowing the potential impact of business interruptions and associated cost of unavailable services and lost business enables the developed capability to respond successfully.Readmore
  • Applications and Systems Integration – Business applications must deliver increased performance at a controllable cost, including faster time to provision new and enhanced services to the workforce and clients, to increase your own productivity, and to grow your business. To support business requirements such as these, Megahertz delivers applications and systems integration services in combination with our trusted technology alliances and partners.Readmore
  • Digital Transformation –Having the right advisor becomes critical in embarking on a Future Mode of Operation (FMO). Megahertz has advised and co-created Business and ICT Solutions with many organisations and industries on its digital transformation journey.Readmore

  •  ICT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) – Technology has transformed the face of the corporate world – opening doors to new business models, new markets, and new ways to connect. At the same time, it poses a ubiquitous challenge for businesses. As IT environments become increasingly complex and business reliance on technology increases, organizations face a wide array of risks. While the accessibility to technology is critical to corporate success today, a vulnerable IT system can expose you to irrevocable damage. In a recent study by Cisco on Security and Data Leakage, seven out of ten IT professionals held that access of unauthorized websites and applications resulted in almost half of their company’s data loss incidents; while two out of five IT managers confirmed that they have dealt with employees accessing unauthorized parts of a network in the past two years; and almost half of the employees surveyed admitted sharing work devices with others without supervision.Readmore
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